WFT is Dynamic Development?

Dynamic development is an integrated approach focusing on the interconnectedness of various growth aspects. It’s about recognizing that personal and professional development are not separate but associated and that progress in one area can positively impact the other.

Dynamic development is all about taking a holistic approach to growth by acknowledging that our personal lives and professional careers are not isolated. It’s about embracing a growth mindset that allows us to learn and develop personally and professionally continuously.

This approach involves identifying inner strengths and developing skills relevant to our personal and professional lives, like communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, creativity, and critical thinking. It also involves adopting habits and practices that support our growth, such as mindfulness, goal-setting, self-reflection, and seeking feedback.

Dynamic development is about cultivating a well-rounded approach to growth that recognizes the unity of our personal and professional lives and actively seeks to improve and enhance both areas simultaneously.

WTF is Transformational Coaching? 

Transformational coaching involves supporting individuals and organizations in making significant changes that positively impact their growth.

As a transformational coach, I take a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of different areas, including personal well-being, aspirations, and business goals. The focus is on developing the inner potential instead of working within a system. This can include helping identify and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors. Or developing new skills and perspectives, creating a vision for the future that aligns with values and goals.

Within the context of sales and marketing, transformational coaching involves working on communication and interpersonal skills, building confidence and resilience, and developing strategies for achieving sales and marketing goals.

The work includes a mindful approach providing guidance on creating compelling marketing messages, building strong relationships with customers and clients, and leveraging technology and various distribution platforms to reach Ideal customers.

Overall, transformational coaching and my methods of taking a holistic approach to personal development and sales and marketing involve helping individuals achieve their full inner potential in all areas of life, creating an alignment with values and goals.

Coaching is not just for “solving problems.” 

Coaching is often seen only for ‘problems’ identifying underperformance. This is false. You are investing in yourself and your inner potential. The benefits are well documented, and everyone, from executives to athletes, has coaches on their team who benefits from having someone to talk to help them reflect on their progress and identify areas for improvement. So can you! 

As a transformational coach, physical and mental well-being is essential to my holistic approach to dynamic development. Physical well-being refers to the state of being physically healthy and fit, which positively impacts overall well-being and personal growth.

Physical well-being encompasses several aspects of health, including exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress management. As a transformational coach, I can help individuals identify and address any physical health challenges they may be facing and develop strategies for improving their physical health and well-being.


You are as HERE as you will ever be.

The choice now is to look inward. I’m not here to teach you anything that you don’t already have within yourself!

Holistic transformational personal development and professional coaching is about where you are right now and getting better moving forward- that’s it—built on the understanding that everyone has strengths.

You don’t need to wait to hire a coach until you are mentally or emotionally unhealthy. Through the process, strengths and abilities show up effectively and create powerful benefits for oneself, your family, your company, and the world.

The capacity to become and develop into something new in the future is within all of us. What often gets in the way of achieving is our self-doubt-not capabilities.

You put in the time; are you ready to do the work?


To coach and train in my role as a man and as a human. To provide value with high conviction and moral authority to assess, detect, analyze, and then create steps to maximize full potential. Vibrations of joy, happiness, and affirmation of the process instill confidence in preparation through iteration and learning.

Benefits will include


Ability to develop clear, obtainable action plans
Challenge one’s assumptions
Sleep quality
Stress management
Personal alignment
Emotional intelligence
Hold accountability
Tool for self-awareness
Create competitive advantages
Celebrate accomplishments
Physical achievement
Health improvements

Sense of balance

An ability to listen deeply

Be a Badass.

Sales and marketing

“Thank you. I am so appreciative of the way you continually and effectively take things to the next level of progression! I look forward to connecting tomorrow.”

Marcel Allbritton, Core Resonance Work

As a transformational coach specializing in personal development and sales, and marketing, I recognize that having ideas is just the first step towards achieving success. Real work comes when you are able to turn your ideas into action and bring them to life.

I help develop strategies, introduce tools, and educate you to move from ideation to activation, whether pursuing a side hustle, a current career, a creative pursuit, or a new business venture.

By setting up for long-term success and taking deliberate action toward goals, you can achieve greater fulfillment and success in your personal and professional lives. The guidance includes goal setting, planning, and execution to help achieve their desired outcomes and become their best selves.

Strategy and Action

Ideal customer profiles marketing and sales audit, martech system set-up, Revenue pipeline strategy, CRM optimization, Inbound content strategy and marketing, copywriting, business development advising and coaching, direct sales coaching and workshops, customer lifecycle development

We’re all media companies in the postmodern era.

Discover, develop, and use your strengths.

Train to allow your body and mind to function deeper and higher levels.