Interdisciplinary Strength and Well-being

Creative project: AToP

“[AToP creates] to motivate the homies to go and step up their grind” (Moskalus Records)

[AToP] (Action on Paper) is an interdisciplinary creative project born out of the desire to achieve higher consciousness through the thought-sensory provocation of electronic sounds and visuals. The definition of atop is “on the top of.” In this society of (over)exposure and quick reaction, it would benefit everyone to be [AToP] of themselves and work/purpose of ensuring that our communications are an active endeavor of sincerity to the betterment of human excellence, thus better-connecting society.

When measuring success, we often contextualize our lives by what is being shared through technological media advances that allow for varied interpretations. This work’s purpose is to contribute to a culture that supports mainstream consciousness positively. Conceptual content is derived from observation and feelings from culture, media, and business studies, applying an overarching intention of Metamodernism sensibilities. This is done by implementing practice and action; practice in alignment is the reflection that should always precede the action. 

[AToP] focuses on current populist values in confronting societal challenges around Well-being, optimistically future thinking in the understanding that post-internet art has the power to make people think differently about the world. Vaporwave aesthetic is used as a reference for historical economic context to lend perspective on societies shifting relationship with culture and, with that, an attempt to help define these shifting relationships.  [AToP] attempts to introduce the “structure of feeling” within the Self. Each project begins with a thought, reflection, and action. 

Glitch, achieved through a generative and editing process, is the underlining art form to confront and then convey the [AToP] movement of ideas as mostly audiovisual presentations. Guiding principles leading to content creation for the benefit of others is the underlying purpose of [AToP]. The work intends to question, reflect, and lead in addressing steps towards one’s contribution to contemporary culture.