“Conflict Resolution” a cultural philosophy of Interpersonal communication

“Conflict Resolution”

Conflict is something we all experience yet how best to confront it is rarely spoken of. The cultural philosophy of interpersonal communications in dealing with conflict resolution in our youth is typically avoiding the conflict altogether or “You have a problem with me? Want to fight?” 

Conflict Resolution is defined as:

“Conflict resolution is conceptualized as the methods and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of conflict and retribution”

The cultural philosophy of interpersonal communications of conflict resolution in adulthood and in the professional world oftentimes doesn’t fare much better. Here’s how people most people confront conflict: 

Try to change people

Constantly interrupt others 

Attack individuals

Purposely disregard the feelings of others

Avoid the conflict altogether

Allow emotions to take over


Impose personal values or beliefs on the situation 

I find what helps interpersonal communication in conflict resolution is to try to leverage your own self-awareness in support of others. This can allow you to:

Talk with other people effectively 

Focus on behavior and events, not on personalities

Listen carefully

Identify points of agreement and disagreement

Prioritize the areas of conflict

Develop a plan to work on each conflict

Follow through on an action plan

Build on the success

Being good at conflict resolution and interpersonal communications leads to living a more harmonious life.

Having the ability to quickly confront conflict and resolve it in a positive, mutually beneficial way, leads to better days- something we all can use more of.

Nick 👍🏼

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