“Dishonesty and deception”

“Dishonestly and deception”

There’s nothing worse than realizing that you have been lied to and intentionally deceived privately or in the workplace. Perhaps you have even allowed yourself to carry out similar actions towards another for short-term gains.

In the end, it’s not worth it- EVER.

It is not worth getting upset about if you have been on the receiving end. One has to question why a person would carry out such offenses.

It is not worth carrying out those types of actions yourself ever. It is a sign of internal weakness and personal short-coming.

It may be tempting to take similar actions regarding a wrong done to you. That would be a mistake. Know that you now have insight that personally empowers you moving forward. This audiovisual depicts emotion tied to its theme. Its raw sonic value works to bring out a counter visual aesthetic of a flower, glitched and compressed underneath such emotion. The feeling you may have if you were on the receiving end of such deception.

The deviant one must take the opportunity to reflect and learn towards future growth. All interpersonal relationships will benefit.


about the author Nick Pastula