For a better day try a Jingle

Life’s not perfect so let’s make it a jingle. We’re living in a world of signals that aim to alter our consciousness, swaying our thoughts positively or negatively in a moment’s time. Having an understanding about ourselves and the society we live in helps counteract the onslaught of messages, building bridges that allow us to cross over into freedom of thought, without an unconscious basis. Embrace the jingle for a better day, because it’s all marketing and advertising anyway! 

Content is entertainment and the media’s purpose is to capture our attention. The buzz business term is “Attention marketing”. Embracing these efforts, hell celebrating these efforts, while being fully aware of their intention is akin to having a kind of superhero mental armor. This attitude will enable you to fully enjoy present moments- just like a perfectly crafted jingle. 

Jingles are those catchy tunes used to promote products and programs. The first modern jingle is attributed to a Wheaties radio spot in 1926. A large increase in sales was witnessed and as a result the jingle quickly became a brand’s must-have advertising format for the new broad-reaching medium of radio. The jingle was then further popularized by the invention of the television and its mass consumption starting in the 1950s. 

The success of the jingle is found in its inherent simplicity of being a melody. Melodies (from Greek, melōidía, “singing, chanting”), is a linear succession of musical tones that the listener perceives as a single entity, ie; it’s what you hum back to yourself in your head. 😃

Life though is not a perfected crafted sign along. It would be dangerous and unhealthy to assume that one’s journey will totally pan out as envisioned. No, the journey takes on its own twists, turns, glitches, and psyche-outs. All the while you are here to hopefully enjoy the wacky ride. This state of mind, embracing the jingle, further opens up the possibilities of personal well-being AKA- being in a good mood. Because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about is it not? 

Five Dollar

This series of digital art is inspired by this frame of mind. Jingles are produced to provoke and capture certain targeted attention. Furthermore, this curated group of jingles is a part of Madison Ave. “Jingle Hall of Fame” of my own creation. They are filled with such wonderful meanings to recall: hope, dreams, excitement, or reassurance. Yet as previously discussed our world is not a mirror image of what is routinely being communicated to us through the media (social media included y’all). As a result, the audiovisuals morph and reform using generative production techniques to express wonder in our acceptance that a celebrated form of controlled chaos is more of the norm. 

In conclusion, embrace the jingle! Remix and make them your own. Acknowledge their intention and use that to your advantage. Want to buy the product? Go ahead and buy it, that is your choice to make. Most importantly, have fun and you too can be the star of your own piece of advertising on a regular basis. 

-Nick 👍🏼