“Internet enabled”

In a digital age, how to better communicate sincerity in authentic ways?

We are enabled by technology that serves as a convenience for its users. Oftentimes the same tech serves as a disservice to its recipient. Over the years I slowly came to realize that Gmail was writing my emails for me. It’s crazy how the AI suggests and finishes off sentences, easy breezy. I started to think about how standardized and homogeneous our communication is becoming. The above audiovisual is a conceptual piece of digital art that helped me express and test this technology.

We crave authentic experiences though our attempts to be sincere often have the opposite effect. Are the right strategies, processes, and executions in place to achieve the intended goal?

We are:
AI-enabled text
Email automated
Chatting with bots
We Zoom.

Making use of technology while trying to be sincere will continue to challenge us all. Here are a few ways I try to achieve a balance:

Humans are inherently social animals who are happier and healthier when connected to others. Brief conversations with a stranger can turn moments bland into surprisingly pleasant ones.

Try going manual. 80% of your revenue is coming from 10 clients? Don’t place them on a generic newsletter or automation. Try picking up the phone, be proactive with them. Continue to solve their problems.

Acts of kindness are proven to evoke emotion and produce positive hormones within. Something as simple as helping someone cross a street. Or shoveling a neighbors driveway of snow. Anything. Don’t be caught up in your headspace. Practicing the emotional intelligence needed to serve others will work towards the benefit of the whole.

Coming across as sincere is more challenging than perhaps ever before. To be conscious of that mere fact is the start of projecting your best self.

-Nick 👍🏼

about the author Nick Pastula