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I’m reading about indigenous people & plants, my roommates are drawing tattoos & buying bitcoin…perfect soundtrack”

-Rachel Musquiz, Founder Curcuma Kitchen

Life is what you make it and positivity is the key to living a happy life. Staying positive though is a daily fluid process. Moods and how we decide to take action is a constant struggle for sure. Now is a perfect time to see that whenever we learn to see new opportunities in the challenges our lives life become more interesting. Optimism and a positive attitude to life and the surrounding world are like magnets attracting positive events and people.

Though life sometimes is hard we have the power to affect the outcome. Have you ever noticed that different people respond to the same situation in different ways? There’s evidence that people who smile at others are more likely to receive smiles back. For example, at your favorite cafe smiling and projecting a positive vibe to the barista will very likely be reciprocated. This simple example shows how we make events good or bad by choosing our attitude to them, shaping our thoughts, and influencing our mood as well as the mood of others.

As we continue through life oftentimes perfectionism and continuous stress can result in personal health problems. When we try to reach some materialistic goals, we forget to enjoy our lives. We often forget how to dream, and don’t notice the beauty in the present moment only to focus on the negative side of everything. A lot of times as adults, we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life because we’re in a hurry. We forget to listen to our inner voice.

Positivity is the key to living a happy life. We can all live a full life if we stop and take a careful look at how we spend our lives. The recipe for a happy life includes a positive attitude to others and different events in life. We can’t control the events in the world, but we can choose our attitudes, which to a significant extent can shape our lives.

Nick 👍🏼

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