Workflow is the process of something going from undone to done. Workflows create efficiencies in conquering tasks in everyday life. Mastery of workflows enables free time to become available. Here are a few ways I think about workflow:

Think team

A team can mean co-workers, it can even be your family. I like to Set up a process and be consistent with it.

Try not to micro-manage

People want a sense of agency. Allowing autonomy in the process will create commitment and ownership of individual tasks.

Create goals

It’s nice to work towards a goal (you should always be enjoying the process) Goal-setting helps me establish a framework. The process lives in the framework. Any adjustments made to the workflow process can create even greater efficiencies to accomplish the goals.

I’m always thinking process. The above audiovisual is representative of the process. As you see there are components and parts that work individually yet collectively towards a unified goal. Damn this can even be within yourself. Without process, you don’t have a map to get you to point A to point B. I think about it for my morning routine. I am thinking about it for work. I am thinking about it when creating content. It’s this time spent that allows for more or less productivity to happen.

-Nick 👍🏼

about the author Nick Pastula